Meeting Minutes

Mexicolo Annual Meeting 5/26/2021

Members present remotely

Fred Schultz

Kevin Koernig

Luke Underwood

Susan Harvey

Dick young

Mary McNeil

Brooke Stover

Robin Snow

Meeting called to order at 7:05 PMT

Susan moved to accept minutes from last meeting in 2020, this was accepted by those present

Kevin moved to keep the same officers on the Board, seconded by Marty and accepted

Board Reports

Reservations – Luke Underwood

Reservations this past season were expectedly decreased, with 20 days at Vida and 15 days at E3 utilized

Next season is expected to be similar to the 2019-20 season, with reservations already coming in.

It was brought up that a few members were using days in excess of their paid share. This does happen when there are a few days in between reservations but these circumstances are beyond that. While this is allowed in the low season if no one else desires those days the only way to increase one’s share is to have it released by another member with their permission.

These members can also buy another share – Jim Nussbaum’s share of 15 days is for sale.

Luke indicated he had been assuming the members request followed their allowed time, and apologized for not being stricter with the bylaws.

Treasurer – Kevin Koernig

Income was down substantially this year due to lack of visitation with Covid. Annual dues collection decreased by $1250 – 2 members did not send in their dues. Kevin will follow up with this.

Sierra Madre expenses are incomplete due to difficulty getting this information from Lorena. Overall expenses were down due to decreased usage and there is enough income to cover 2020-21

The next years budget is similar to previous year. More usage is expected and 2 more membership should be collected. Sierra Madre had repairs done due to the flood in 8/2020 but there was money to cover this.

Therefore assessments will stay the same for the upcoming year at $300/share

Old Business

Fred indicated he had had communication with members concerned with the lack of information about the flood in E3 in August. He stated he was unaware of damage to the unit until he heard from Lorena and sent out an email soon after he was informed. Susan visited the unit in March, had the TV dish repaired, the owner’s closet cleaned out and repainted and the doors re-planed due to warping, and the front door refinished. The unit is now in good shape.

Fred and Kevin have had little luck in moving forward with getting the Trust for E3 relocated             to another bank.

HSBC is out of the trust business, and the trust for E3 is past renewal.

Attempts at working through Lorena and the previous Notario has been difficult. Dick Young indicated he isn’t getting any younger and has signed multiple documents concerning the trust without any change.

Susan Harvey is currently working through a personal real estate purchase at Sierra Madre, and has some connections. The preference of the board would be to set up another trust at Bancomer where Kevin has an account, and designating a new successor(s) for the trust. She will research options when she goes down next month and the Board will push to get this resolved.

New Business

Harvey Sender sold his condo and moved some items into E3. There is also a bin of personal items from another owner in the front bedroom closet.

A reminder for owners – we cannot have people leaving a lot of personal items behind both in the owner’s closet and the other closets. Please look at the things left currently and if you no longer want them or they have reached their life expectancy dispose of them. If everyone leaves items there will be no room for visitors belongings. There are at least 5 or 6 inflatable mattresses.

With no other business the meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm PMT

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Harvey, Secretary